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What is the difference?

What is the difference between binge eating, emotional eating and compulsive eating?

Not a lot really - Someone who Binge Eats or Emotionally Eats will do so in binge episodes usually secretively and usually when emotionally they are not coping well with their problems in life. There is a lot of guilt and shame that comes with the binges which has a effect on compelling someone to eat abnormally and consuming huge portions. A person who Binge or Emotional Eats will not vomit or use other ways of ridding themselves of the food they have eaten. One of the things that will reduce a binge is to re-establish an eating pattern, meal planning (please see 'Bon Appetite' on the left) and preparing so the person will be in complete control.

There are ways to reduce the binge and the following document helps you to reduce or prolong the urge (urge surfing).

Someone who eats compulsively will do so openly and tend to graze through the day on high sugar high carb foods, often the portions are huge and a the stomach stretches. The person may often not actually feel full at all and continues to eat.