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Carers and loved ones

Eating disorders are very complex illnesses and an individual suffering from a eating disorder often take a long time to recover or gain management over their condition. If you are worried about someone but struggling with expressing this to them, then here are a few suggestions that may help:-

  • Through SEED you are able to get in depth literature and resources to have a better understanding of what an eating disorder is.
  • Be aware that if a person is poorly or showing physical signs of an eating disorder, it is imperative that they are monitored by the GP or in extreme cases, if they are medically at risk, taken to A & E.
  • When the time is right, share your concerns with the person and offer to give them information you find helpful.
  • Don't put pressure on the sufferer. This may only back them into a corner whereby they feel they are losing control.
  • SEED offer a large range of services for both the suffers and carers or loved ones!
  • It is up to the sufferer to want to change, be patient and supportive and most of all look after yourself.
  • Your journey may not be easy - Don't suffer in isolation. We are here to help you!